Nov. 1st

It’s hard to believe that it is already the First of November! I love this time of year. The colors, the tastes, the atmosphere, it’s so warming and welcoming. And one can’t forget of course the count down to Thanksgiving!!! With the beginning of the month I feel it as a beginning of an eye-opening new start. Yesterday we went to visit a marketing firm and meet with the Art Director (a young Graphic Design Grad) I think it made me realize the direction I want to take. Yes it might be a little more work but I feel interested in this position to find out more about the occupation. I want to become more cohesive in my work and my goals for the future. I want this to be a time where I take the time to advance my skills and my talents. I hope to become more free-spiritedĀ and less stressed. I also will look for inspiration in all that is around me.

Here are some fall inspirations ::

:: wonderful Fall Collage with colors, textiles, and tastes ::

:: reminds me of my Great Grandparents Apple Orchard ::

:: love the colors and the textures of the wreath really representing the season ::






:: Love the Colors of this Season ::



:: adorable ::

:: a personal pumpkin spice and pumpkin scone::


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