Leo Burnett Continued

So, I posted some images of advertising product, developed by the agency Leo Burnette, on the train ride down to Chicago to visit the agency on Friday. It was a great experience and an eye opening experience as well. I was engaged and documented the whole trip. Here are some pictures that I took to follow up from the post on Friday!

This is the HUGE outside of the building. Leo Burnett is all the way up on the 21st floor!

These Graphics is part of a mural that was in the lobby part of the agency. It was drawn by one of the designers that work at Leo Burnett. It has so many aspects of Chicago within it. It really is awesome!

These are just different walls within the agency.

I took a picture of these apples because of the story behind them.

:: Leo Burnett started his agency during the Great Depression. And so on the first day of work he would hand out apples when people walked in the door. Everyone thought that he was crazy because people couldn’t even afford apples and he was giving them out for free. Decades later I guess it worked for Burnett is now one of the largest advertising agencies in the world!::

And on every floor of the agency there is a bowl of apples to remember his Midwest Hospitality.


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