Sooo, I came across this simple divine and totally cute little stationary/paper/invitations business called “Regas” , based in Manhattan New York!

Their pieces of work are very personable and creative. They make all of it in house with there own press machine.

I just started my printing class so this is totally inspirational for me!!!

I hope to create the same esthetic through my pieces as they have been able to accomplish through theirs.

:: I absolutely love the glasses. They are bold and playful yet totally usable for everyday stationary ::

:: So cute for wedding invites. Not totally too feminine but the color combination is great ::

:: I really like the earthy tones in these wedding invites and the inspirational feather is great ::

:: So cute for a baby shower. Could be used for girls or boys ::

:: This is probable my favorite grouping of stationary. I just really like the simplicity of the prints and the archaic vibe that it gives off with the images ::

{ Thanks for Reading }


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