Inspirational Places of Creation

Sorry I’ve been away for a while 😦  Being a full time student, part time worker, and finishing up my senior year really has me running around and not having as much time as I would like to share my inspirations with all of you.

Because I have been working non-stop on my own art projects, I decided to look at creative workspaces to keep me going.  

:: does the amazing Mac come with the space lol ::

:: what a great and creative idea for a calendar. you can always easily add and move events around. love this idea! ::

:: what a great use of space. I love the way the same color range runs throughout the space as well. ::

:: ok, definitely my dream workspace. I love colors, the storage, pieces of inspiration everywhere, and of course the bike! ::

All of these amazing work spaces makes me so anxious to I have a space to call my own and fill with creative pieces of inspiration. 

I hope these places of creation inspire you as well. 

:: Thanks for Reading ::


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