Fashion Star!!!

There is a new show on NBC (tuesday nights) called Fashion Star. It’s a really awesome concept. New designers create a look and then buyers from Macy’s, H&M, and Saks 5th Ave. have the opportunity to bid and buy the looks to sell in their stores. The designers whose pieces don’t get purchased then are up for elimination. 

It’s really cool to be able to see the designs and then that night after the show you can purchase the designs online at Macy’s, H&M, or Saks (which ever store had purchased the piece). You can even find it in select stores the very next day after the show airs. 

These are the winners from this weeks episode!!!


The jumpsuit looks super comfortable and sleek while the shorts are o so sweet!


This piece is already sold out!!!!!

One designer does men's wear and his pieces have been super popular!

Saks 5th Avenue

I'm really digging the dress. It also comes in two other color varieties!

I hope you are able to catch at least one episode of this new show. It’s definitely worth it. 

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2 responses to “Fashion Star!!!

  1. That’s an interesting concept for a show

  2. Interesting and helpful for a lot of designers! i hope it doesn’t turn into a ‘Dragons Den’ of fashion though – where they’re more interested in the judges, how they behave and their moods.

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