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College Grad!!!

I have to apologize again about by absence I have been so busy the last couple of weeks getting everything together for my Graduation from College!!!! This is such a surreal experience. I can’t believe that I made it, I’m here and I ready to take on the world and my dreams.

With the closing of one chapter I look forward to the beginning of a new one. One thing that I plan on doing is taking this blog to a new level. So stick with me for I’m moving this weekend and might again be absent for a few more days. 

My first plan of action is to share with all of you the projects that I had been working so diligently on (which led me away for my blog) and allowed me to graduate :). 

Please stay tune for big changes will be happening within this blog, with my life, and within my blossoming career!

{Thanks for Still Following and Reading}


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