DIY // Make-up Board

DIY Inspiration::

Magnet Boards are a great and easy addition to any room or office. One can get sooo creative and basically make a magnet out of anything. Above is a great way to organize a home office while also using a little bit of industrial chic design sense. The drink tray can be decorated yourself with a stencil or go get a vintage one from an antique store!

Use scrabble pieces to write cute little notes and reminders!

Monogram magnet letters are a great way to personalize a magnet board and a great gift idea!

I thought to use magnets to clean up my make-up

After some trial and error I found the the round magnets with a foam sticky back works the best to hold the make-up onto the metal sheet. Add some other decorative magnets, photos, and attach to bathroom wall and your pile of make-up suddenly became a decorative addition!!!

– Devan



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3 responses to “DIY // Make-up Board

  1. This is so cool Devan! My make-up is always scattered everywhere and I can never find what I’m looking for without dumping out my whole make-up bag… very creative!

  2. Love it! May steal this for my home office.

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