Gallery Night and Day :: Arts @ Large

This past Friday Night and Saturday was my cities Gallery Night and Day event. I had the great opportunity to help set up one of the galleries (and I think one of the most important galleries at that). Arts @ Large is a great program within the city. They creates art programs for children to express themselves with writing, photographing, painting, drawing, etc.

Here are some photos for the set-up.

Images were drawn by the students and quotes chosen by the teacher.

I tried to pair the images drawn by the students with quotes chosen by the teacher.

One project finished and displayed!

Project number 2 included poems written by students, drawings representing those poems by students and a door.

A shot of the gallery and art pieces. Pretty cool!

Again what a great program and what a great Gallery Night Display. I hope to be able to a part of much more of the Arts @ Large programs throughout the city.



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  1. Timothy Abler

    Great post Devan and on behalf of Arts@Large thanks for all your work to help make the show successful!

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