No Pumpkins Harmed

Now, I will admit Halloween is not my favorite Holiday. All the blood, gore, and getting scared out of your pants isn’t really my thing. However, this year I have opened my eyes to some Halloween decorating and I have to say my feelings on the holiday are starting to turn positive.

I do have one thing I absolutely always love about Halloween and that is PUMPKIN!!! Literally pumpkin anything and everything I LOVE!!!! Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin Cookies, Pumpkin Carving (if it has the work PUMPKIN in it I LOVE IT).

Now if your not a great pumpkin carver here are some great ideas for decorating your pumpkins. These are also great ways to modernize and “chic up” your pumpkins this year as well.

What a great way to bring a current trend to a holiday.

This is probable my favorite idea. I love the be-dazzled pumpkin in the back!

Just for those of you that are curious I did say “PUMPKIN” 12 times in this post lol.

Idea for post originally from because i’m addicted blog.

No get out there and start decorating some Pumpkins (13 times hehe)!!!!



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