Inspiration // 2 Page Design Layout

The next project we are working on in my GD2 class is a 2 page layout. The layout was based off of our Inspiration Mood Boards (found here).This is really exciting for me because I possibility want to go into editorial design as a career in the future.

First comes INSPIRATION:


I like the placement of the text box in this mag cover. And the black and white really makes the yellow stand out.


I really like the title text in this page.


In this page I liked how the photos where placed and the text was overlaid within the photographs.


This one was probably the most inspiring for me. I like the coloring of purples, blues, and pinks. I liked how the picture had a color overlay on it and that there were slight pink shapes with a light opacity throughout the layout.


What drew me to these layouts was the images and then the color overlay of the circles and text.

Then comes my first draft design :2page layout designI am happy with the start and the direction that the design is going. Looking forward to hear my classes feedback tomorrow. Let me know what you think.


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