Smart Design Resume’s

So I am sitting taking in the beautiful weather for the weekend, trying to work on hw designs, but really have no inspirations for my projects. So I started to look for some inspiration. That is how I came across some intriguing Smart Design Resume Ideas. 86c815a1c3899ab492ccd0264a0ed4a7

Recently I was given the opportunity to have my Resume looked at by a Big Shoes representative. Getting it back with a lot of red “X’s” on it I new I had to make some changes. One of my plans for the summer is to re-do my Resume into a more intriguing document and one that represents me and what I do…. Design.

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These examples might be a little much for a job application but I think they all have great ideas within them. Also they would work great if you are a freelancer and are introducing yourself to a client.


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  1. I love the top one. The fact that it folds neatly like a brochure makes it the delivery option more versatile than standard formats.

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