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“The First 70”

Yes, I have been away from this blog for a while. I have been busy Graduating!!!, then Moving, then working, then with Summer Activities that I have pushed this blog aside a little bit. I also have been trying to think of what I could blog for my first post back in a while. Should I do some of the stuff I have been working on? Some photographs or fashion trends that I have found? I just wasn’t sure and then by luck I stumbled upon a tumbler cite with beautiful nature photography that lead my to a moving video about an issue I wasn’t even aware was happening. “Outside the City” is again a tumbler site that I came across placing breathtaking photos of nature, wood cabins, landscapes, etc.¬†

While browsing this site I came across a video “The First 70.” It is a beginning of a documentation of the first 70 National Parks that California is closing. I had no idea that this was an issue or a process that is even being done. More people ¬†need to be aware that this is happening !

Please continue to stay up to date with this issue and lets all do what we can to try and prevent these beautiful and amazing Natural Paradises to become unprotected and not cared about.



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